Sea of Dreams


I spent so many moments
looking up and dreaming
that it hardly seemed worth noting
I got lost one day in clouds
the rainfall covered me
and all the land around
I was mesmerized by colors
of soft hue so water
rose and still I dreamed it
seemed to gently rock with waves
as hair spread tendrils floated
land became a myth the sky
was real tiny fish swam in
and out of seaweed tresses
ocean motion waves the tides
will come and go but sky
remains and I am lost
in dreams forever near the clouds
bright sun will warm me til the moon
takes on the job of lighting fires
on the sea a thousand diamonds
shattered glass to draw my eye
horizons distant my descent lies
deeper than the sky I close eyes
thinking drifting water
streaming all around the sound of
sea birds singing siren songs
sailors sextant readings measure
distances from star to star but
I know deepest night makes
star miles farther than the farthest
galaxy the nebulous hold of gravity
is not my law as I float softly
feather blown wave tossed tide lost
lines crossed but not erased the place
I seek is here inside the dreaming
I remain no pain no worry hurry is
a memory from time long ago so
ripples cover ocean mother
giving birth I am an island shore
breached sun bleached salt leeched
sand beneath me misty dusk set
of the sun the day dreams into night
as I am rocked to blessed sleep
I sink into the deep don’t weep
when I am gone for I am floating free

the image was the prompt and the only credit given was photobucket. If this is your picture please let me know and I will be glad to give credit or remove it.

4 thoughts on “Sea of Dreams

  1. Carol Shoemaker

    Hi Dee. If any of my drawings inspire a poem by you, you are VERY WELCOME to use it. I put a lot of my drawings on my blog. I love some of the paintings you use; we have similar tastes artistically.

    1. Dee

      thank you so much 🙂 I love your drawings. If I use one you will be credited!!

      Often the paintings are put up by others as prompts for poetry but I am often looking for ideas.

  2. Jae Rose

    Aah Dee, to be ‘lost in clouds’ – I do so admire your ability to dream and let your thoughts flow so freely..I always leave feeling relaxed and with a sense that, whatever, everything will be ok..(which, for me is a miracle!)..Jae 🙂

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