Birds of Winter

bird on my porch
puffed up in his parka
so small against the cold
he brings nothing
and takes nothing away
he and his friends
cover the yards
respite from ice
bearing winds
you are welcome
stay awhile give
hope of warmth
to come
you have something to
teach me right
on the tip of your wing
you carry yourself
through skies and
wait for me to learn
I would speak with
you but I am frail
I hide in my house
burning your trees
to keep me warm
while you stand
on cold concrete
staring into sleet

10 thoughts on “Birds of Winter

  1. Old Egg

    Isn’t it curious that we get so much assurance from the ability for birds and other wild creatures to cope with the weather on their side of the window. Welcoming them back in our gardens year after year as though they are growing old with us. Sadly that is not the case as all we see are the sons and daughters and grandchildren and so on of those we made friends with years ago and thought that they belonged to us and knew us well!

    You have made me feel quite guilty even though I don’t burn their trees any more. A great poem, let’s hope he/she makes it through the winter.

  2. Jae Rose

    Another beautiful birds-eye view of life outside of the front-door..I am sure that little bird would offer to share the tree branches so we could all stay warm..Jae

    1. Dee

      I would gladly let him to share the warmth 🙂 Went outside for about ten minutes to bring another load of firewood up to the porch – even with gloves my fingers got numb…

  3. anno

    Sweet poem! Know, though, that the tiniest sparrows survive even our worst Michigan winters — I think it’s the down jackets they wear wherever they go. If you’re interested in the subject, Bill Streever has written an excellent collection of essays called Cold: Adventures in the World’s Frozen Places; covers history, geography, the effects of cold on people, plants, animals,and structures. I read it over Christmas and have been recommending it to practically everybody…

    Glad to see your power is still on — hope the temperatures warm up soon as well!

    1. Dee

      I will check it out. Our power has only been out twice – the longest 45 minutes. We are supposed to be back to school tomorrow…not sure how much will be accomplished – they will all be so wound up lol

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