Unashamedly Unplugged

I hear the world
it knocked on
my heart today
music carried feet
breeze washed clean
hinting at spring to come
Slipping round the next cloud
wanting me to rock it out
speed it up give a shout
I hear em say I should
jump right in
down and dirty
focus on the win
moving and shaking
insides quaking with fear
of a fall rushing sound
rushing ground

but I am unashamedly
writing my own music
singing my own songs
I will eat my own words
even when they are bitter
I will own my own screw ups
for I’ve been talking to birds
they say gravity is depravity
and all you have to do is leap
focus on the sky and try
the wind will take you
floating on currents
will be easy as breathing
easy as leaving
I will be on the edge of
your vision no derision
erases spirit; makes you crash
unabashed fly as high
as the atmosphere goes
to the ceiling of everything
sing for birds know
that you can go and wheel
in a sun dog spread wings
birds say down is
just another direction
you choose let your wings
be your compass be
your star you are
running and jumping
first ground then the sky

all the stillness of air
rushing by in the silence
you will find it
surrounds you it
abounds in the moments
between feathered ticking of
clocks doesn’t matter
just time if you fly
you can live for a thousand
miles on those minutes
you’re in it outside of it
around it as it courses through
arteries pumping with joy
years are nothing but
counting I’ve given up numbers
for music and color
a life that’s much fuller
for what is not in it
the baggage is dead weight
and miles upon miles piled
on years upon years
I’m leaving the tears
the fears and self hate
I’m talking to birds
wisdom lives in their words

12 thoughts on “Unashamedly Unplugged

  1. Old Egg

    What a joyous, frenetic gallop through all those exhilarating experiences and emotions. What I really enjoyed was the “youÒ€ℒre in it, outside of it, around it, as it courses through arteries, pumping with joy” separated by the prompt “thousand” and “years”.

    I need to have a little rest after all that!

  2. Jae Rose

    Those opening words just led me right into this victory song – you fly with the birds..soar up there like an eagle and most of all enjoy the ride..Jae

  3. michaelo

    Wow, that was truly awesome! Fly high, Dee. You captured avian being in words as though you took flight with them yourself. Inspiring!

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