stepping closer to the ledge
ever nearer freedoms edge
like a leaf pressed under glass
colors frozen you defined me
roses pressed tween paper pages
crumble tumble far too humble
now I spread my wings and leap
pray the future heart to keep
the clouds roll in and burst in sound
and thunder signifying little
round the thinking in my head
the sinking of the ship of prisons
prisms light reflected from the dreams
the streams of rain to wash me clean
I pledge to fall and in the falling
listen for the inner calling
torn the veil oh torn asunder
pulled the net right out from under
all the days stretch on to night
as I am poised for freedom’s flight

6 thoughts on “Falling…

  1. Jae Rose

    ‘crumble, tumble’..it’s scary and hesitant to start and yet there are wings to find hope and peace – rather than lead-weight boots taking you down with a ‘quesy sinking feeling’..taking risk..and learning to fly..you always leave me a smile..Jae

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