Write The Night

Sunday Scribbling prompt: fires

little fires
lit by pens
a million words on
scraps of paper
a million lives
finding respite
off the mind of
kind of wistful
fistful of letters
scrambled up and
thrown like dice
the gamble worth
the ramble forth
the smoke rose higher
to the night and
stars will smolder
bolder ones will
come and say
it better
say it clearer
say it cleaner
work it leaner
than we ever could
but still we strike
the match and
tend the flames
it’s what we came for
stayed for
prayed for
just a little warmth
to keep the night
at bay

11 thoughts on “Write The Night

  1. Jae Rose

    Ever letter on the page starts with a spark..you have to feed it with those scraps of paper I guess..your ‘fire’ is always bold and clear…and gives this reader much warmth..Jae 😉

  2. Old Egg

    Every word punches home the gist and the rhythm of this stunning poem. We light a fire for warmth and perhaps lose some of the beauty of the night.

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