Closer Than You Think

earth is just a place
it cannot hold or mold
people sold the green and
bought the dream that
screams just run and run
and never stop you drop
the cleaning off and drive
through food is always fine
no time to craft a meal or
settle for a moment with
familial ties the lies we tell
so what so fine so why so how
the sacred cow of things we reap
for lack of sleep is not for real
we sleep all day and move as though
we are awake but take
a look around the ground is
rushing at us faster than
the sound of prayers can
catch us dues are owed
but down the road so what
me worry too much hurry
I would like to leave not die
but go away a far off place
with blue and green and peace
a pace that matches me
no slavery to clocks and rocks
that fill our pockets list
the crimes set in the dockets
judge the weak and weary
mothers teary I am leery of
the quicker fixes find a cliff
and spread our wings
no bag of tricks is
going to fix this broken toys
where is the joy that we
were promised by the law
no not the joy just the pursuit
but who is chasing who the cliff
is coming end is drumming
beating out a tempo we can
never dance to take
a chance to care to cry to
write it down so someone
somewhere some how
will now understand that
this is not what I signed up
for ever mindful of my own part
still I find it breaks heart
circled round and round
I chase the thoughts down
alleys filled with saddened faces
all in races to the edge
not knowing that it’s all
there is