Our Moon

blood surges through
veins like ocean tides
we ride it out slow
ebb and flow through
nature’s valves the
beating of earth
that salves pain
rhythm of rain
the perigee draws
moon to us
and us to moon
eyes ablaze and heads
upturned we burn to howl
the night and with the dark
pull clouds away as
curtains misted
running higher
ever higher to the
highest places open
spaces throats swell we tell
all the night is ours is moon
is soon to turn away
the earth we live on
planet spins on orbit
comes round covers
ground that glows
light shows ripples on the lake
branches reach to take
the moon in arms of bark
and leaves we grieve
she fades with dawn
the magic gone as sunrise
overpowers but for hours
she is soft and bright
our light our moon

Image Credit – my beautiful daughter Jessica Martin

2 thoughts on “Our Moon

  1. Jae Rose

    You gave me a new word this week too (‘perigee’)..you always think of the sun as life blood..but there behind..waiting in the wings is the wonderful moon..she cools us..soothes us..looks after us in the dark..I am glad you told her story..lovely photo as well..Jae

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