Little Pieces

these I leave you
these tiny notebooks
filled with pieces
of my heart my mind
my memories, my life
these are mine alone
a more selfish indulgence
than anything I have done

these I share
I sing from a place
that cannot be
but is
I sing from a place
I keep for me
I leave you with
this one piece of advice
keep a place
for yourself

the world will take things
and leave things
you never wanted
your dreams will fade
or change
because what we
see inside
is never what it is
but in this place
you keep
dreams can live

you can sing
and you will remember
that I told you this
that I left these pieces
these words for you
I laid it down here
because I couldn’t
hold it in

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  1. Jingle

    such stunning work, i wish to see visitors…
    love your blog, your talent is outstanding…
    Share a free verse with poets rally week 41 today, awards will be assigned.

    Bless your talent.

    Visit me to link your work…hope to see you back.

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