Cloudy Day

a thousand voices raised
emptying hearts on pages
that fly across satellite paths

I dig my pen into the paper
press with rigid anger

ridged paper like braille
this never ending spiral
makes no difference

my head aches with wanting
to feel something other
than nonchalance as though
I am not a part of this
as though I am above
as though I am not enough
I would write a brightness

but there is none in me today

there was a man carrying a cross
in a nearby churchyard
as though we needed a reminder
his faux crucifixion an affront
as though walking around
carrying a piece of wood
could save anyone
or bring on an Easter
bring forth spring

I long for sun
while my heart fills with

just a cloudy rainy day and a bad cold…maybe it should have been titled “as though”

2 thoughts on “Cloudy Day

  1. Jae Rose

    Sometimes you can be overwhelmed by a cloudiness inside can’t you..the images felt heavy and you were trying to lift brightness from the paper but it wasn’t quite happening – although a superb piece – feeling crappy brings out such strong words at times..passing you a virtual box of tissues and some vitamin C..Jae

    1. Dee Post author

      thanks lol – have to go to work today so I will carry the tissues and vitamin c with me – it is raining like crazy and supposed to do so all day here. I will be cloudy with a chance of storms all day 🙂
      Do you go through times where you hate everything you write? That is my storm right now. I Scratch so many false starts…frustrating.

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