Itty Bitty Computer

Teleread had a blurb about a 25 dollar USB stick computer that has been developed by David Braben.  It has a usb port on one end and an HDMI port on the other.  Plug a monitor into one and a usb hub to the other for keyboard and mouse and you are in business. I am going to be watching for this little gem.  It will probably ship with Ubuntu and Mr. Braben plans to use it to promote computer science studies in schools.  I love the cost and the size and it would be great for schools for both reasons but I also see a creative venue.

A friend wondered how many would go through the washing machine and dryer but I have a solution for that. I hope someone will take the idea and run with it – a whole line of jewelry – maybe something steampunk?  Maybe I could get hubby to create something for me – I’m sure we have some little bits and pieces of metal around here somewhere. Maybe a case that attaches to your keyring for the guys?

What about wireless kiosks?  There was no information about the amount of memory, but with external an external hard drive that shouldn’t be much of an issue.  A computer you can carry in your make-up bag in your purse.  My grandmother would be astounded.