Summer House

afternoon is slowly fading
soon lights inside will beckon
warmly glowing faces showing
smiles and chatter welcome
friends again we gather
sidewalk stepping quickly heading
front door opens waving all in
to the house the home the place
we eat and drink the glasses clink
piano playing softly fire burning
hearth is turning evening chill
of outside darkness into yearning
firelight and memories making
times when we were younger
times when we under spells
of brighter days lighter ways
thought we’d stay forever never
changing stretching on into the future
still I hear the music laughter takes me
back and I am once again sure
best nights sounds sights
held inside that summer night
a glow that rivals evening stars
lives on in friendship hearts like ours

2 thoughts on “Summer House

  1. trisha

    i loved the name of your blog (3 word wednesdays member) glad that i dropped in.

    loved the beautiful picture you created in this poem, a warm, welcoming home.

    1. Dee Post author

      thank you so much for stopping and reading 🙂 Glad to meet another 3ww member. I have not been doing it justice lately but hope to be back soon as school is out.

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