I Smell a Rat

Sunday Scribbling prompt: Flock

the rodent tendencies will out
though you try to choke them cloak them
into submission they don’t need
your permission to socially engineer
your rear guard is breaking rank
the tanks are rolling bowling over
all the principles despicable in an
under cover way blunder over bruises
make up stories about glories unseen
unknown unshown in lofty dreaming
hear the screaming downstairs
no scares nowheresville is where you live man
you ain’t getting out soon blue moon
won’t be shining round here we don’t like no
messin’ second guessing
there are those who flock
to all your glittery jittery jiggle the lock
the key was lost so long ago
and so the ticket you can’t pick it
you don’t know what side of door
you stood on hood on susurration bout
the conflagration you can’t put the fire out
now all your alibis are leaking squeaking
by the skin of teeth
no scrubbing bubbles for this trouble
see the mirror reflection clear
except the cracks no taking back
you’re too far gone sing swan song
mama’s baby gone wrong don’t go
sneaking round breaking down
you’re not strong losing ground
the smile is slipping curtain ripping
canoe tipping point the finger once
twice thrice you’re history drown in
mystery we see through you
hate to be you

3 thoughts on “I Smell a Rat

  1. Jae Rose

    Well it was the big man’s 70th this week..and this was like an homage to Mr Zimmerman..wonderful rolling thoughts and worldly questioning..being a rodent lover I must mention that rats are more loyal and probably smarter than a lot of the key holders in the world..Jae 😉

    1. Dee Post author

      I did not realize it was his birthday (nor that he was 70! Now I am feeling very very old lol) and I didn’t even think of him when writing this. A stray google brought up rodent tendencies and I had to go with it.

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