Color Royale

All Poetry prompt: Purple Passion


give me the color
that lies just at the edge
of sunset
the dark places in the ripples
as the breeze moves across
the blue water
I would rest my eyes
on the edge of shadow
under the soft clouds
the tender shade in the dip
under your eyes
just above the swell of cheek
sing me a sky just before
the storm drops down
and turns to grey and black
or the shine at the outer ring
of moonglow just before
the stars appear
let my fingers feel the petal
of iris as it blends into deep wine
holding stamen for bees to feed
let me taste purple
of new grapes frosted with dew
ripe with flavor
color of royalty

5 thoughts on “Color Royale

  1. Jae Rose

    Deliciously passionate..I imagine the real world fading into grey as ‘you’ get lost in this face..swept away in the always..Jae 😉

  2. anno

    beautiful, Dee. Love how this one encourages my eyes and heart toward the horizon, looking for everything delicious and elusive…

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