Sing The Light

Sunday Scribbling Prompt: Sweet

Morning is a softened time.
Trouble for the day
has not yet been to visit,
and in the grayness of the edge
birds are singing fiercely.
For the first time, I wonder why.

Science says that lengthening days
bring longer exposure to light,
triggering a hormone,
but I remember a song
“How Can I Keep From Singing”
and just smile.

We are all lifted up
with exposure to the light,
and in the rising
sing all the sweeter.

20 thoughts on “Sing The Light

  1. Jae Rose

    We all seem to have a collective spring in our step..maybe it was the sweet prompt..maybe the welcome of summer..halfway point through the year..whatever glad it made you sing too..Jae

  2. anno

    your notion of morning as a “softened time” resonates perfectly with my own… hate to leave it for the hastier and more frenetic hours that follow.

    1. Dee Post author

      lol – early morning or night are my times too – the sun is NOT my friend! At least not too much of it…

  3. paschal

    This is a lovely hymn, Dee: one of your eventual chapbooks needs to be Dee’s Hymns: there are so many songs of praise in your prayerhouse.

    I love what I like to think of as all the sweet Appalachian bluegrass inversions in your syntax: they jumble me up all sweet and bubbly:

    Trouble for the day
    has not yet been to visit


    1. Dee Post author

      Thank you sir, I think maybe some of those inversions come from my granny. Not Appalachian, but Indiana coal miners. Close enough I suspect 🙂
      She used to warsh dishes in the zink, and put orl in the car…

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