Let Them Go

listen you naysayers
muckrakers, joy takers, bill payers
all of you listen
the sun it will glisten on
ponds lily fronds magic wands
hopeful dreams clever schemes
are the way of the young hold your tongue
leave them be you can’t see
anymore past the past your life cast
now you just want to take them to task
They are sun dancers, free lancers,
fly by the seat of their pantsers
it’s their time not your time and this time
is high time for light and right
and loving with all their might
leave for later the haters, the baiters
the now is too laters
no waiters just jumpers with both feet
back thumpers just love them and leave them
they are bursting with sweet freedom
the hope of our future to suture
our brokenness tiredness hopeful
banked firedness
we the prayers, old players
the worlds yesterdayers
they slip through our fingers
not linger the singers will write
all new words and new tunes
and they’re gone all too soon

riffing off Gwendolyn Brooks “Speech to the Young”

13 thoughts on “Let Them Go

  1. Jae Rose

    Oh to be young! It’s a state of mind for sure though..I don’t know if it’s the same in your neck of the woods but it’s music festival season here (Glastonbury etc) and I could imagine this being recited in a field..pink wellies..happy voices..no worries about the mud and the rain..because you are filled up inside by the sun..Jae 🙂

    1. Anonymous

      I hope albannach is playing, I would love to see them in person 🙂
      I think you are right about the state of mind. I go from feeling ninety to nine on a daily basis lol

    2. Dee Post author

      oops I am anonymous – that was posted from the ipad which doesn’t seem to know who I am yet 🙂

      1. Jae Rose

        I’ve not heard of Albannach..U2 will be there (some people need to know they are no longer young)..I finally downloaded Google chrome..seems to have fixed my anonymous status.. Jae 😉

  2. Miss Alister

    Well, howdy, Miz Dee, what you got here?
    First, I must say I’ll be darned if you’re not right. This feels mighty fine, you over at my place for a beer, me back here at your place for coffee to set me back to purpose.
    Now this here’s got serious rhythm, Dee. I tell you, by the time I got to ‘the past your life cast’ I was Babi Mac rappin’, and I went the rest of the way in one of the happiest grooves I been in in a long time : )

    1. Dee Post author

      haha poetry you like? Happy is good! Hope to see you around for a bit. Will be out of pocket for a couple of weeks – a visit that does not include internet – I may turn to ash and crumble….

  3. anno

    Love the way you took off from “Speech to the Young,” borrowing her idea & some of her rhythm, but making it all your spirit, all your own words … sure speaks to me, a prayer & old player, one of the world’s yesterdayers…

  4. Carol Shoemaker

    Love it! Brings to mind a classroom full of 6th graders who can’t sit still on the last day of school (“Enough of this, already; I’ve got LIVING to do!”)

  5. Bluebethley

    A lovely rap . . . and tribute to Gwendolyn Brooks. Her poem is very short (yes, I had not read it yet!), but yours takes in all the beauty and rhythm and the seasons of looking back. A fine response to this week’s prompt.

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