Dry Season

Credit image to: Angie Cramer

Where are my questions
in this dry season?
I should summon
righteous anger,
scathing social commentary,
but my mind is covered
by a coating of fine ash.
Sunburned thoughts,
scorched soles of feet
that have walked sere earth
as dead things crunch.
I can’t even summon sorrow
Do dead leaves weep in winter?
Oh let this season pass
Where is my rain?
Lethargy takes my hand
and lays me down,
“it will pass…”

One thought on “Dry Season

  1. Jae Rose

    All time passes..that window does seem too dry and scorched to provide much of a view..a chilled drink whilst laying on the floor may quench the drought..lethargy can be a good friend at time..jae

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