Is There Life After The Sock Drawer?

Overflowing, tied in knots.
Some neatly paired.
Finely wrought for finer days.
Fancy saved
For special occasions.
Black lace toe sliders.
Silky thigh climber, sassy,
But clingy,
Hoping the elastic holds.
Uppity tweed thinks itself
Smarter than it is,
Neatly folded as a page.
Woolen warmth
For colder days,
Snuggles the corner
In the back,
Behind pilled and darned
(does anyone even
Do that anymore?
So outdated!)
Old comfort sits with holes,
Wistful and forgotten
Halfway to the trash.
Lonely single hoping for a mate,
Hanging on
That just in case dream.
Faded, jaded, spilling over,
Sorting needed, old and new;
A jumble, dryer tumbled,
Multicolor metaphor
Life in a sock drawer.


Just playing, may need some work…