The Insect Ball


Everybody’s doing it dancing it
Shaking it getting down and dirty with it
Bugging out hugging out
The band is really rocking out
The crickets singing back it up
All the little ants will hack it up
Their mandibles will chew it up
The honey bee is sunny
And my money’s on the wasp
With the stinger
She’s a singer gonna put
The hurt upon you
Close your eyes you
Never see her
Only hear and in the clear
It’s not your year the hive
Is buzzing quit your
Fussing stay away from that one
She’s a playa and the preying
That she does is all the buzz but look
At widow she’s in black
And looking fly
But don’t you try she loves
And leaves you
In a web that’s gonna
Weave you right into
The mainline she’s a mantis
And she’ll school you
Then she’ll fool you
Into thinking that you’re
Drinking at the party
Insect madness
Hopping gladness
Think you love her
Her agenda is to end you
She will take and when
She’s sated you are fated
Make your exit from the ball
Her love bite ain’t just a nibble
She wants all and let’s not quibble
Ladybug is nice
And gives the best advice
Fly away just fly away
Fly away home


for a contest on AllPoetry 🙂

also Sunday Scribbling prompt: Plan B

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14 thoughts on “The Insect Ball

  1. anno

    Brilliant, Dee! This is so much fun! Don’t know how you found the perfect picture to go along with this one, but it sure is just right. Looks like the start of the school year is inspiring you…

    1. Dee Post author

      The picture came first lol – it was the prompt for the contest and the contest was called Shaking It – what else could I do? 🙂

    1. Dee Post author

      thank you Linda lol – I think it takes a moment before WordPress anti-spam filter lets things appear. Thank you for the lovely compliment and the extra attempt to make sure it showed up!

    1. Dee Post author

      thank you – I read it for my poetry group and they liked it 🙂 My only problem was having enough breath!

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