Not THAT Tired…

there is tired
and there’s tired
and right now
I am feeling
every stinking sinking
ache and creak
and pain that sneaks
in older bones
like telephones are
calling all the joints and
things are screaming
this is seeming
like it should be
happening to someone
could be maybe older
temper smolders
I’m not that one
I’m not aging
I am raging and not going
with no fighting
let me tell you
I’ll work through it
I am staying and
I’m playing and some
maybe dancing
there’s a party and
I’m hanging I’m not missing
one sweet second
if I have to then
it won’t be graceful
if I go
well then I know
that you will all start
doing fun stuff
so I’m calling
father time’s bluff
stick me up
in that back corner
I’ll be quiet
and just listen
write my stories
and my poems
just a scribble
maybe nibble on a snack
or maybe two
just let me stay
what do you say?

Written for Open Mic Night at dVerse

14 thoughts on “Not THAT Tired…

  1. brian

    smiles…nice…i really like hte telephone calling each joint…a fresh way of putting that.. i like…and then the turn to embracing life…really well done…

  2. Beth

    Dee ๐Ÿ™‚ so happy you linked up. I am sure you will love dVerse. Your poem is a vocal one, the type that you do so well. The voice gives life to the rhythm and exposes the poetic devices woven throughout. A pleasure to read and hear.


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