The Break-up

Written for 3 Word Wednesday

Celia took a sip of wine and stepped back to admire her handiwork.

“Perfect!  Look how your eyes follow the natural direction of color on the wall.  Maybe one last piece…”

Tom stared, eyes glazed over. She held her fingers up in a square, squinting a little to get just the right perspective.

“Right there on the left I think…”

She set her glass down on the coaster and bent down to pick up the gun. She put one hand under her wrist to support the weight and aimed at the left side of his head, gently squeezing the trigger. His head jerked just a tiny bit from the impact. Celia smiled at the tableau.

She turned off the stereo, washed glass and returned it to the cupboard and wiped her fingerprints from the gun, placing it in Tom’s hand.

Celia paused at the door for one last look, glanced at her hair in the mirror, turned out the light and headed for the parking garage humming Ravel’s Bolero.  These breakups just got better and better.

3 Word Wednesday Word choices: admire, follow, piece

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