Here I Would Sit


from here the grass
a soft quilt of warmth
for the earth wrapped
around clay knees
holding the skin
of a planet together

if I lay on my belly
look closely each spike
the quilt unravels
millions of pieces
growing so close
with one purpose
fed by the body
pointing to a bright sky
bearing the seeds
of a new generation
bearing witness

a tree dances in sea wind
arms akimbo
hearing a song
melody of breath
with the rhythm
of seasons spinning
out a tale of moon
and sun and wisdom
rooted deep in rings
of joyful abandon
loving the air

waiting as it has always waited
the sea sits beyond
beyond the edge of the grass
beyond the reach of the tree
cupped in muddy hands
overflowing with the
memories of creation
that give birth to the rain
that feeds the grass
that holds the earth
that cradles the tree

Here I would sit

13 thoughts on “Here I Would Sit

  1. brian

    here i would sit as well…in the muddy hands amidst creation…smiles. some really nice textures in this…and leaves me with a peace…

    1. Dee

      Thank you so much – I had to look up Katherine Raine (I am not very well educated about poets but I love learning about ones I have not read!)

      Her poetry is beautiful which makes your compliment even more meaningful!

  2. Jeff

    Ah, to sit amidst all the wonder of what is free, what is true, what is always, what is new.

    Earthbound and heavenly . . . Your words, too.


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