What To Do With a Sick Collie

Creative copy Challenge 188


If he has the collywobbles
and he hobbles after rabbits
chasing silly pretty baubles
you should never feed him holly
tea from kat is a bad habit

if he slowly coughs up furballs
like a silly willy kitty cat
and tries to wear a turtle
for a winter doggie hat
then the cure will just be slower
you can bet the hat on that

  1. Collywobbles
  2. Collie
  3. Wobbles
  4. Holly
  5. Slow
  6. Slower
  7. Turtle
  8. Rabbit 
  9. Cat
  10. Kat

riffing off Vivien Shipley with a little Dr. Seuss thrown in.

1 thought on “What To Do With a Sick Collie

  1. Jae Rose

    Poor Collie..it felt like a little nod to Dr Seuss..I love how playful your words are..your thoughts are..I hope he gets over the collywobbles..Jae

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