Nanowrimo 2011 Week 1 Ends

At 6200 (and the day is not over) I am a bit behind on word count but I am ahead of where I was my first nano experience.  My outline grows.  I have added sections for characters and build on details as I get to know them.  I have also added sections for details of places in the story to help me place the characters in them. I have a mostly complete map of the general story and beginning to break down the separate scenes.

I made myself a writing playlist in iTunes to stay in the mood and of course I have a supply of chocolate covered coffee beans.

Enough procrastinating!  Jae and Aedan have not technically met as humans yet so I have to get them together. I could use a couple thousand more words tonight!

2 thoughts on “Nanowrimo 2011 Week 1 Ends

  1. anno

    Glad to hear about the chocolate covered coffee bean supply — can’t have enough of those when it comes to cranking out words! Good luck getting all the ones you need!

    1. Dee Post author

      o far so good. About to bust 9000. Working from an outline with a plan makes such a huge difference. There are still some things to work out but I have my outline in blue, my actual story in black, and my notes (added as I write) in italics. I almost feel organized which if you really knew me would shock you. It shocks me…

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