Three Adventurers

Sunday Scribbling 297: Fairytale


the depths of which
cannot be plumbed
the heights
cannot be scaled
a wilderness
so desolate
imagination pales

yet we the three
move on though
pushed by gales
that blow from north
and south and east
and even from the west

but we the three
push on to pass
the test
through perilous trail
through cliff and cave
blizzard blinded
onward quest

for we are three
brave and strong
and true
though trials and fears
are real my friends and I
will follow through

And later
when the treasure found
we’ll pass the bottle
round and round
and by the fire
burning bright
tell tales throughout
the starlit night
as sparks rise
high and higher still
we’ll laugh and drink
and eat our fill

for we are three
home safely warm abide
until the next
we journey forth
the stars our only guide
so merry now
and merry then
and merry come what may
the call to quest
rings loudly out
adventurers obey

image credit: Mobius Cave by Clint Cearley


11 thoughts on “Three Adventurers

  1. Old Egg

    “So merry now and merry then and merry come what may,” that sounds a lot like my youth so very many years ago. Stunningly evocative writing with equally effective illustration.

  2. Gwen

    This rings so true for all those who have, over time, pushed the boundaries of exploration forward and yours has a happy ending…
    I enjoyed reading this:)

  3. Jae Rose

    This prompt was made for you..your song felt like a nod to Tolkien..and I would love to be in that adventurous band of three..tagging along..virtually at least..Jae 🙂

  4. Tina Karagulian

    Wise travelers three at this time of year, yet also the three adventurers in this household all bid you wonderful travels. This poem warms the heart…thank you.

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