So Sing With Me

there is a song a tune
a melody the beat
that meets me where I am
and walks my feet down
greener paths that eyes can see
the breath the spark
the inner heart
the soul the whole of me
that lives and dreams
and has a voice that joins
the world creation told
the thing that makes me
who I am a different being
than you and I will sing
oh I will sing

you can sing with me
sing a verse a chorus
all can join us
harmony will carry me
and you and all to
mountaintop and river edge
and pray a hedge around
and round
and coming down we each
will greet our brother
sister father mother
holding hands and lifting
voices sun will set but
we will still be singing softly
as it fades we sleep in peace
the peace we need so badly
all be fed and warm and safe
we pray you stay
forever in the keeping
of the One conducting
orchestrating planning loving
bringing all to the finale

heavenly angels lend
their voices
wings a’brushing clouds
with softest hues we choose
to listen choose to see
with hearts and minds
and hands and feet
so sweet the song
so sing with me


from the AllPoetry archives