The World Rested

we held ourselves easy
like turtles on a log
waiting for the sun
to warm outer shells
hoping for the warmth
to spread to bones

we held ourselves freely
as deer dive into dawn
wet with dew
lit by awakening sun
when the light
races ahead of the warmth

we held ourselves stilled
frozen like startled rabbits
blending into the grass
listening for the smallest breath
caught between
hiding or running

we held ourselves quieted
as the silken pond waited
as the trees cradled the nests
as the grass hid the beetle
as the clouds blanketed the sky
as the whole world sighed

and rested from the work of living

9 thoughts on “The World Rested

  1. Old Egg

    What a delightful scene you paint which lazy humans like me enjoy as we idle too drinking in the sights, scents and sounds of nature.

  2. Jae Rose

    Lazy or thankful..or enjoying every breath and moment the world has to offer..always worth fighting to be wrapped up in that bigger blanket..of people and place..and skies..and leave me smiling always..Jae

  3. Anonymous

    What it must feel like to be a creature so accustomed to nature. I felt like you were allowing the most primitive being a voice.

    You used only beautiful words asking the reader to lightly flow with each restful breath. Thanks for the meditation!

  4. Linda May

    G’Day. that is very nice. I dropped by S.S, and was happy to see some familiar names still there, even though mine hasn’t been. <3

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