Never Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

a little Easter silliness

Took a ramble through the brambles hoping to evade the wall,
Brightly colored, dyed and smothered, decorated all.
I told my friends, escape! escape! and took off at a run!
I thought that all had been hard-boiled but someone just in fun,
Left one uncooked and as he hooked a corner round a stone,
He tumbled o’er and hit the floor and now he’s come undone!.
Old Humpty yes, I knew him well, a good egg through and through!
His innards dumped, he took a fall, our sense of horror grew!
No basket will contain our friend, no child will squeal with pride,
For deviled be the rest of us, he might as well be fried!

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NaPoMo 6 2012