Luck Is An Umbrella

I am not going to jump into
The crazy pool
With a little luck
I will just wade in
The shallows
Getting toes wet
But holding my nose just in case
Because luck is a bitch
That goes her own way
With no thought for life preservers
I wade with an umbrella
The sun is shining
But just beyond that hill
There is a helluva storm
Waiting to flood
My plane and I know
The truth
You have to swim
Through the muck
To see a rainbow

NaPoMo 13 2012 Poetic Asides prompt: unlucky

2 thoughts on “Luck Is An Umbrella

  1. anno

    Now this made me laugh … I seem to have tripped headlong into the crazy pool this week: perfect metaphor

    1. Dee Post author

      got to beware of the crazy pool…or at least carry a life preserver 🙂 I am right there with you!

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