Mass Confusion

take a thought and pull
a dream out of
the air and stir them up
and mostly you will
jumble up the muddle
of our middling ways we
want to try to
strive for clarity but
all the mystery is that the
more we try and cry and fry
our brain cells brain swells
big heads nod with
understanding wisdom
of the ages fill the pages
and we read and meditate
on all the information
but it causes conflagration
smelling smoke now
something’s broke now
take a poke and how
we think we have the answer
but the truth the deeper meaning
pundits preening it escapes
from under noses striking poses
knowing all but seeing nothing
fluff and stuffing just a bear
a silly bear would share his honey
and a hug you might as well
I’m here to tell you
It’s a mess and bless
your heart you think you’re smart
but part of you is like that bear
just silly willy nilly
take a breath or hold it in
you scold me but
I do not care and will not share
get on the bus and do not fuss
we’re all the same just in the game
and hope the driver knows the way
we bought our tickets
have to ride so hide the button
the inner spinner it’s your turn
feel the burn and realize
there is no prize
just keep on trying
stop the crying
take a peek and make your move
and try to prove
it’s not mixed up
we lost the rule book eight ball
all shook and the message
of the day is not today
tomorrow not too likely either


NaPoMo 16 2012 Poetic Asides prompt: Mixed Up

2 thoughts on “Mass Confusion

  1. Jae Rose

    There is a complete logic to this mix of words and is ‘right’ exactly because it is mixed up..we are all bears..sometimes the stuffing comes out but it can be shoved back in again..Jae

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