Stone Soup

stir the pot
make sure it’s hot
and what is not
well that is what
you throw out
with the baby
sliced and diced
and sweet enticed
to sup on ashes
sugar crashes
little pinches measured
inches of this and that
to make you fat
it shrinks the heart
(in more than one way)
I say, you know
what I mean you’ve seen
it every day the have and have
nots, empty pots with stones
for soup throws one for
a loop just check it out
we super size it, maximize it
belly not as big as eyes, it
seems so odd to realize
we throw away enough
to feed just one so share
a little, care a little
whittle down the hunger
understand we can
our hands can hold
each others hands
and feed the bellies
feed the spirits
feed ourselves
with shelves and shelves
of love and laughter
happy after all
is what we need
so get to cooking
start your looking
for just one and give
a little of yourself
and find that you are fed
your heart, your head


NaPoMo 18 2012 Poetic Asides prompt: regional cuisine

3 thoughts on “Stone Soup

  1. Old Egg

    This has a great beat to it. The message is clear too. Sadly I understand that many charities have fallen on hard times not being able distribute as much aid since the global financial crisis as donations have fallen.

  2. Archna

    This is such a beautiful and possible thought. We have enough natural resources and money to feed and fuel the entire planet. Unfortunately, our priorities are not in equality. If only a reward in love and laughter was enough.

    Very lovely. Thank you!

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