How long have the stars
looked down on me sleeping
surrounded by cold darkness
colors shifting as they record
my petty dreams and fears
an indictment for crimes
I didn’t know I was committing

How long will the moon
smile complacent
knowing that I will be long gone
and the slow circuit will continue
as though I never was
Making me miss
what has not happened yet

How long have the clouds
floated comfortably across
the heavens above aching my head
filling and emptying
their never ending cycle
giving no care to where they are needed
or where they are feared

am I  judged and somehow found
wanting, insufficient by a dead sky
that cares not what I wonder
or that my eyes fill at the beauty
that makes my skin too small
to hold prayers of thanks
prayers of yearning
until the words spill out
and I am judged again

NaPoMo 22 2012 poetic asides prompt: judging