The Change

when mists could hide
a lunar frown
I lay my human nature down
and bending oe’r
four feet to floor
no longer fight
the urge for flight
as bones would melt
and fur replace
a pleasant face
now eyes that glow
and teeth that show
the inner me
and all would flee
but I am fast and faster still
the hunt begins
a special thrill as deep inside
a monstrous mind
I know I hunt
for my own kind
and tear the flesh
a bloody snout
as you lay dead
your life spilled out
I run in dark and shadowed
places pulled like tides
I slip the traces
ears laid back I am the night
and knots untied
that held me bound
I am the blood I am the air
the night smells wash
my fears away I run and run
and find a space
to sleep
to wake
til next my moon
I ache
I’m cold
my skin
the day


Halloween is just around the corner….

3 thoughts on “The Change

  1. Jae Rose

    Ooh an inner being can be so exciting..those dark and shadowed places feel quite enticing…and a little familiar..Jae

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