Not completely happy with this – may re-visit later

perspective is a wondrous thing
all wrapped up with silver string
assured we have the truth pinned down
we clutch it tight with certain claws
we move ahead with scarce a pause
until the wheel of time spins round
and now we see in different light
the thing that gave us such a fright
has worked to make us sing

we cannot see the ship in full
but only glimpse a piece of hull
a fish leaps off the starboard bow
we run and point, we see it all
then sure we know entire sky
a single billowed cloud our thrall
we puff ourselves so knowledge filled
the dragon sleeps, the monster killed
the anchor weighed, a gentle lull

the anchor holds us stuck in place
secure and safe, we rule our space
a nod to the horizon far
we smugly turn our vision in
and close our ears to worldly din
as though sealed in a jar
but circumstance can punch a hole
that motivates the grounded soul
again to join the race

though there are valleys deep and dark
and pain and sorrow oft abound
the sweetest music can’t begin
until we learn to make a sound

2 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Old Egg

    I read it through three times and liked the feel of it and all I wanted to do was add a description or qualifier to “race” in the third paragraph.

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