image credit Tommy Stone Moonlight

image credit Tommy Stone Moonlight


image credit Tommy Stone Sunrise

to see a moonlit pool of light
turn darkness diamond white
unfettered by the velvet cloak
of shadow on a dreamless night

to see a joyous sunrise
as though it were the very first
to look upon quiescent pond
from deep the sun would burst

my heart when dark would sing the moon
and take it’s rest from labors’ way
then thankful leap above the clouds
soar peaceful through the day


Tommy is taking part in a photography challenge – a photo a day for the month of March using a theme word. The word for today was “gratitude”

5 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Old Egg

    It is sad that so many do not see the beauty all around us. Better to be thankful for the privilege of seeing transitory things such as nature reminding us that we are the same. So we should love every moment.

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