Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Alice showed up late to tea
Mad Hatter ran away
the Red Queen’s off her meds you see
The solitary card was played
Tweedle Dee and Dum are gone
The magic pill was way too strong
and now the drink has spilled about
and all the partygoers flown
there’s nothing left of Cheshire Cat
his grin the last to pop
teapot broken, chairs are listing
table on it’s top
so go now Alice, better run
Find the hole and climb back out
the looking glass was made of ice
and if you stay then frozen too
no happily ever after
no second glance, the choosing done
there’ll be no other chapter

The End


(inspired by the photography of Ginger Cook)

3 thoughts on “Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

  1. Dee Post author

    thanks Jae – it was inspired by a photo a friend posted on facebook of a dining table and chairs broken, sitting outside in a cold gray landscape and posed the question “What does this picture make you think of?”

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