The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Moon

Throw a log on top and
bank the coals
to keep the fire
for dark is coming soon
and watch though
it is barely there
the sweetness at
the bottom of the moon
the smallest detail lined in blue
just shadow, barely seen
reminds us that
in light and dark
the earth would stand between
so we must stand from sun to moon
when pain and sorrow fall
and cast a shadow on the land
be light and hope for all


thank you Ginger for the picture and Tommy for the line….

3 thoughts on “The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Moon

  1. Jae Rose

    What a wonderful title. I love how you have been playing with the moon. This piece had a great rhythm. As I read I felt like I was on a stream train on a clear dark night..the moon high and bright in the sky..delicious

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