The Snow Queen’s Loss

Terri Windling has a winter poetry challenge at her blog at

I had hoped to join all week but real life conspired against me. The challenge for today was the fairy tale The Snow Queen and there are beautiful images and plenty to read. This is my contribution.

every line so well thought out
close the door, remove all doubt
erased emotions strewn about
perfection wipes away the pain
what once was out now buried deep
wrapped up in walls, a heart asleep
to feel no pain and never weep
a ruse the only thing you gain

but love pursues as though the fire
sparks tiny light with hope aspire
braves danger, scoffs at warning dire
burns higher through the storm and rain
draws like unto itself and grows
lies patient in the winter blows
till one becomes a million glows
cold’s battle all in vain

melting snow left all alone
feed blooms left where
brightest love has shone

2 thoughts on “The Snow Queen’s Loss

  1. anno

    Fairy tales are the hidden mystery that quietly thrums just below the surface of everyday life — glad you were able to take the time to listen for it. Lovely rhymes and rhythms.

  2. Jae Rose

    Some things are impossible to bury or freeze..i love how you have worked magic with the if inside is outside (or vice versa)..happy Sunday to you x

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