make me see exuberance
green shoots burst, as though by chance
an open arms, explosive dance
a carnival of sight

make me smell the sweetened air
of wildflower jewels with petals fair
enticing bees as if a dare
sun bright and deep as night

let me hear the softest tune
of buzzing bees and birds in June
of whippoorwill that sings to moon
though hidden from the light

remind me when the winter snow
brings silence to the soft meadow
and color sleeps in frost below
the world dressed black and white

sweet warmth will come again to me
the first steps of the dance will be
proof of the perfect victory
life wins the final fight

2 thoughts on “Spring

  1. Jae Rose

    Whippoorwill is a fantastic word..a bird? Life tries it’s best to keep springing back up..you make it sound like a carnival..new and exciting every time summer comes..hurry hurry sunshine!

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