It’s My Birthday and I’ll Write if I Want To…


Beautiful photo by Tommy Stone

sandwiched in between all the black
you know the clouds that move in unexpectedly and stay longer than you wish
no invitation, just plop down at your door with suitcase overflowing
taking over the guest room and hogging the remote
eating up the last piece of cake and tracking all over your clean bright floors

but I digress, sandwiched in-between, that’s where I was…
there is this light that dances just on the edge of your vision
creeps in with a little finesse unlike that pesky black shadow that
just wants to take over
it lingers as long as it can
hanging on by fingertips and branch endings, tossing a little pastel silk
over all that dark velvet
reminding you that darkness like uninvited company
does not stay forever
even as it sinks to the ground the last veil drifts by
pats your cheek and tucks you in
making shadow puppets on your heart
soft as a mother’s sigh

2 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday and I’ll Write if I Want To…

  1. b+ (Retire in Style Blog)

    Dee, I have missed reading poetry and writing fiction and then there you were on Facebook. Happy Birthday…the poem is beautiful. It may be a sign that you can celebrate a birthday more than once a year so we can have more like it.

    Be well.

    Barbara Torris

  2. Jae Rose

    Thank you for tucking me in and reminding me that darkness fades..what a beautiful poem – is it your birthday Dee? If so many happy birthday wishes xo

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