Lent Musings 30

There is a birdhouse that looks like a church on a shelf on my back porch. Yesterday, I was putting potting soil back on the bottom shelf and realized that there is a bird nest behind the birdhouse. There are three eggs in the nest and I made sure not to touch it. Today I saw the mama fly in.

It reminded me that in the middle of all my anxiety, where for the time being, life is defined by the news, by where we can’t go, who we can’t see, and who is sick, God’s creation goes on doing life. Plants are greening up, eggs are getting ready to hatch, spring is happening.

While Lent is a time of going deeper, of taking our hearts on the walk with Jesus as his journey moves Him closer to the cross, it can’t be truly experienced without remembering that the cross is not where this journey ends. As spring follows winter, new life follows suffering, and resurrection follows crucifixion.

I will be watching to see what happens with the baby birds.

We have hope.