Lent Musings 33

Father, I come to you in prayer for myself tonight. I am feeling the stress of this pandemic. I feel myself get frustrated and irritated at the littlest provocation. I can’t speak for everyone else but so far I have been mildly inconvenienced. I can order groceries online, I can still pay my bills, so far all of my loved ones are doing ok. So I can’t help but feel that others must be feeling this so much more than I. I humbly ask that you give me grace for now and for what is ahead. I plead with you that you will help us find a way to end this and I pray that you will give your peace and comfort to those who are in situations so much wore than mine. Show us how and where and when to be your hands, and feet and heart for others and how to do that from a distance if that is where we need to be. I pray for your protection for those who because of their job or calling, can’t maintain that physical distance. Not only for their protection, but for the protection of their families. Please help our doctors and nurses to have the strength and the discernment to allow them to bring comfort to those who will obtain their final healing and come to be with you. Give them peace to deal with the losses. We love you and you have proved your love for us, time and time again, but man we need to be reminded of that love right now.
You sent Jesus to die for our sins and even as He was going to the cross, He still loved us even with our imperfection, our pettiness, our lack of compassion for others, all the human things that we so need to overcome and can’t without you. In the midst of the most stress of His life, Jesus put us first. We need your love and grace. Amen