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The Seer

Sunday Scribblings Prompt # 217 mantra

Adelyn stomped around the kitchen stuffing weapons and supplies in her backpack.  She jammed a round into the gun and stuffed it back into the holster on her side.  She clipped a huge knife to her belt.  She turned her back as she peeled off her bloodstained tee shirt.  Grabbing a clean one from the counter she pulled it over her head.  If he had been paying attention he would have seen the scars on her back. He was rocking back and forth now, chanting over and over “oh shit. oh shit.” like some kind of mantra.  He looked as pale as that thing that nearly took his head off.

She crouched down in front if him and gave him a smack on the head, then ruffled his brown hair. “Snap out of it!  I get that you’re in shock but we have to MOVE!  That thing was real and where there’s one, there’s bound to be more.”  She grabbed his chin and raised his face so he had to look at her.  She spoke in a calmer voice.  “Chris, there is a lot out there that most people don’t see.  It’s like a curtain separates this stuff from everyday people.  My mama and my grandma were both seers and I’m one too.  Trust me when I say this is real and we have to get out of here.  I’m sorry you got pulled into this, but they have your scent now and I have to take you with me.”

Chris focused on her voice and her eyes and shook himself.  “Wait.  Wait!  Okay.  This is really real?  I’m not going to wake up and wonder what the hell I smoked last night?”

Adelyn grinned and patted his cheek. “Nope, sorry.  This is as real as it gets. Come on.  We have to get out of here.   She stood and handed one backpack to him and picked up the other.  She handed him a pistol.

He stared at her. “Is this loaded?”

“Wouldn’t do you much good if it wasn’t.”

“I’ve never shot a gun!”

She grinned again. “Just be careful. The safety is off.  Anything tries to mess with us  before we make it to the truck, you point it and squeeze the trigger until it’s empty. Let’s go!”

He followed her to the truck, copying the way she swiveled her head back and forth watching for things that made the bile rise from his stomach to his throat.  She hadn’t wanted to take him with her.  Grandma had taught her to never involve normals in her world.  They couldn’t handle it.  They would end up dead and maybe take you with them.  Grandma was gone and so was mama.  She was the seer now and if she had left him he would already be dead.  The truck cranked first try.  She kept it in good condition, tank always full.  She stepped on the gas and they lurched forward.  As they turned the corner onto the gravel road, the truck rocked as the raspy metal on metal sound of something screamed in the night.  Adelyn punched it.  Chris looked grim as he spun his head around trying to get a look.  They heard the angry howl of loss as they sped off through the night.