CheeseCake Christianity

I was thinking about what church means to me, especially Wednesday night bible study. I learn a lot but it’s much more than that.
The bible teaching is the food that feeds my mind and I think that is one level that God is known on. What goes into your mind, if it is truly the Lord ends up in your heart.
For me though , the best is the singing. Sometimes when we are singing praise I go away. It really feels like I am singing to, for, and about Jesus and I can feel warmth on my face, like He knows that my heart is right there for him reaching out and worshipping him as though I am on my knees right before Him. My face seems to be pulled up as though I can see Him even though my eyes are closed.
I know that this is probably the least real Christian thing I do because I get way more out of it than I give but it lifts me up like nothing else.
The bible teaching is the meal, but the singing and praising is the dessert and dessert has always been my favorite part of the meal.