Needles Update

All is not well. We are hopeful that tomorrow will be better. Dale has been in severe pain all day. We got more antibiotics and pain medication but it hasn’t helped much. I got on a peritoneal dialysis forum and posted and got several replies. It seems to be the consensus that he should start showing some improvement tomorrow. If not we may be going back to the hospital. His pain was so bad last night that we got little sleep. We would doze off and I would wake up hearing him gasping trying to breath through the pain. He finally ended up getting a little sleep in the recliner. Since he is more comfortable there than lying down flat I have moved his dialysis machine to the living room and he is going to see if he will rest a little better there tonight. I will be up pretty late anyway since Kinsey is at his prom tonight and I will stay up til he gets home. He looked so good in his tux and Becky was just gorgeous.
I’m glad I am off work Monday since it is evident that he won’t be going to work that day. At least the center will be open and his kidney doc will back in town.