My Favorite Firefox Features

I have been using Firefox for several years and have always been an advocate for the browser. Lately I have used one feature more than any other. From the main menu click view, text size, increase. I do this several times til the text is easy for me to read without so much eye-strain. This may not be a big news flash for some of you but it has become a necessity for me!

Tabbed browsing has become second nature and I don’t know what I did before I had it. I always have at least four tabs open switching between them constantly. I keep one tab open to google so I can zip over and search for anything that catches my eye on the other websites I am currently browsing.

My bookmarks Toolbar is another essential feature. I have my everyday links listed there so I can just go to the menu and click a button and read the local paper, check my gmail account, or subcribe to a blog with bloglines. has a plugin for Firefox that places buttons on your browser that let you click a button to either tag a webpage or go to your page to browse your saved tags. I used to send links from home to work or vice versa. Now instead of clogging my email I can tag it and find it from anywhere I have internet access.

Firefox not only lets you have a searchbox for google right on your toolbar, but you can add search engines to it so you just click on the icon in the left side of the box and bring up a list of search engines. I have Ebay, Amazon, Food Network Recipes, Weather Channel, Wikipedia, and more. If I am reading an article by a favorite blogger and they reference a book that sounds interesting I can open up a new tab, click in the search engine box and change to Amazon and put the book title in to find the pricing, reviews, and if I like it, add it to my Amazon growing wishlist.

These are other Firefox tools I use but these are my everyday, can’t do without, A-list.