“The Messengers”

I have started watching a TV show called “The Messengers” I am not a big reality TV person – I get enough reality in real life. I prefer fantasy for entertainment. This show however is different. A group of people who are already experienced speakers compete for a book deal. To do this they are taken on a different field trip every week where they have to immerse themselves in a particular life. Last week they had to spend time in the fields with farm workers and then give a two minute speech on struggle They picked vegetables til their backs hurt and then kept on picking. This week they are handicapped. Several have to spend time in a wheel chair – shopping, using public restrooms, navigating everywhere. They can’t use their legs at all. They not only have unique experiences but the relationships they form with the people have a lasting impact on them.The speeches they gave on struggle were amazing and so far tonights speeches on perseverance are just as awesome. Not only the mechanics but you can see and hear the emotional impact on their faces and in their words. I wish we could all “roll a mile in another man’s chair”. Half the group had to function without eyesight. They were taken to Union Station and had to buy tickets and ride the train. Two got off in the wrong place and couldn’t find the others including their blind “guide”. They finally got together and all went outside to experience walking across a city street. “Perserverance is about the critical decisions that we make at the turning points in our lives” and “Just ask God to help you go beyond what your eyes can see” were two of the quotes I took away. So far I am impressed with all the speakers and if I had a complaint it would be that someone will leave every week and I like hearing the different perspectives. Maybe some of them will start blogging.

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  1. Josiah

    Sounds like an interesting “reality TV show”.

    I recently broke down and started watching ‘Treasure Hunters’ and I’d have to say, that if it weren’t for Charles, I probably wouldn’t watch it. I just don’t feel like I’m missing anything by not watching “Reality TV”. I think it’s the hype that surrounds reality tv that makes it such a turn off.. Go away already ‘Survivor’! But I digress…

    I think I might have to watch this show you speak of. I’ve tried pretending to be blind and deaf before a couple of times. I think it lasted for about 15 min. if that long… I have the greatest empathy for people who are handicaped… Noone truely understands the hardships faced, unless they are truely faced with them. Even if you pretend, you still have it in the back of your mind that you can just open your eyes or unplug your ears or stand up. IT’s alot worse when you know that you can’t just do these things.. It’s frightening to think that it could happen to any one of us at any time. Would we have the strength to carry on if such an event happened? I would hope so.. but you have to admire those people who after so many hardships, still don’t think Life owes them anything.. It’s amazing how resilient some people are, amazing and inspiring.

  2. Dee Post author

    YOu caught me – I watch Treasure Hunters too because of Charles. I thought tonight was going to be it for them but they pulled through at the last moment.

    I don’t know what that “something” is that lets people who have been through horrible tragedies and are able to carry on with grace. I see it at the dialysis center all the time. There is a lady that is just mean no matter what the day or circumstance and she radiates bitterness.

    There is a man who has been in kidney failure for years, had a tranplant, had to quit taking the transplant medicines because they gave him skin cancer and he had to have his ear removed,and yet he spends his time at dialysis weaving beautiful bookmarks and sharing suckers with everyone (who isn’t diabetic) while cracking jokes.

    The speakers on The Messengers who are the most articulate speak of their faith. It always seems to come down to struggle and trial molding us and making us be completely dependent on God. I don’t know if I would be able to handle a serious handicap gracefully. Even when things are at their worst with Dale I have a hard time with questions. His faith is stronger than mine.

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