The Speed of Incompetence

Life is in fast forward right now. A filter has to be tweaked on every single computer that is in used by a teacher to input grades and as I try to touch them all I sandwich fixing little problems. At some point I try to eat lunch. The other day I looked at the clock twice all day – once at 11:30 and once at 3:20. I don’t know where the time went.

I have come to love tutorials because I have students in the lab and that is the only time I have to be there so I get a chance to read email and make a list of what I already know needs to be done for the day. When it gets this crazy I start making mistakes and forgetting details so I while am doing more things I am doing them less well.

I know it will slow down some after the filter is done and I am working towards that. I miss having a locking desk drawer since my desk was a casualty in the summer break-in so I carry more baggage around with me – literally and figuratively speaking.

The bright spot has been the new laptop the technology director bought me. It’s a MacBook and I have named her Iris. She has to be female because not only is she packed with geeky goodness but she is also pretty. She does everything that my desktop did better and with style. I am trying to learn more about her inbetween all the gradebook and email “fixing”

My lab is needing attention badly and as soon as these filters are in place and working I will be spending some time working on it. Everytime I walk in the door I feel like I need to apologize for letting things slide with it.

Another day is beginning and while I would like to spend more time writing and reading and thinking, 3:45 will be here before I can sneeze!