Teacher Work Day

Yesterday was the only day this week designated for teachers to work in their rooms. I heard my name over the intercom about ten times and people found me wherever I was working and added their needs to my growing list. People emailed me which was problematic because there wasn’t much time to check email.

Students start Monday and teachers needed GradeBook and e-Attendance working. They needed computers moved and E-mail set up. I new it would be crazy and it was. By the end of the day I was mean, mad, tired and not done. I had to leave on time because it was a dialysis night. I was grouchy with my kids when I got home and I know Monday will still be a day of running around like a chicken, trying to get everyone’s problems solved.

Every year I learn something new and work towards adding that to my list of things to prioritize but I think that if I ever get it right, it will all change and I will have to start over.

For next year I have got to remember that new teachers (or teachers on new computers) need to be added as administrators on their computers or e-attendance won’t play nice. I think E-mail and attendance need to be the priorities and Gradebook can be taken care of after all that is done. They need E-mail as soon as possible so they can keep up with the announcements as they are sent out and they have to have attendance the first day. Setting them up as administrators can be done without them being there so I need a list early in the week of where everyone is going to be. That was another problem for me this year. I had no list til late yesterday. If I have the list of who and where, I can check off what and when.

Lab scheduling issues were coming up and the lab itself has a ton of work to be done so Monday it all begins again. My promise to myself is I will try not to get so mean and mad and to remember that there is always another day.