A Blog-i-tude Adjustment

I have felt for some time that when I posted on this blog it was more because I felt I should post something than because I had something to say. After reading posts from some of my favorite bloggers I realized that for several months I have been too busy “doing” and not taking enough time to read and be fed. It seems as though every day I run from start to end without remembering that each day is a gift and that it should not be sped through as something you want to hurry up and get over with. Too much is missed with that kind of thinking. At the same time we all have obligations and committments that we have to fulfill. Finding a balance is the most difficult thing. I am making a promise to myself today that I will make time at least once a day to read things that make me me think, to find one thing each day that I am grateful for, and to praise someone for something good they have done.

I have been angry, stressed, and tired a lot lately and it has started to color my perspective on everything and even affect me physically. I need an enthusiasm adjustment instead of an attitude adjustment. I need to remember to have fun!

I have been reading a lot about productivity and methods for getting things done and while much of it is really good stuff, I think it’s more important to remember why you want to be productive. What or who do you do it for? What gets your creativity flowing? What excites you – gets you fired up? What gets you through the dry spells?

1 thought on “A Blog-i-tude Adjustment

  1. Vicki Davis

    You are so right! I love your thoughts about enthusiasm adjustments! I love it! It is so important to be excited and energetic because when you are, it flows through your teaching (and through your blogging.)

    Encouraging others is a vital need in the world and blogosphere. I am so glad to see you adding your voice of encouragement to others. You have spent a lot of time on this blog and are doing a great job!

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