Online Web part 2

Someone else did all the work and did a great job! Jonas Back has a blog titled myuninstalledlife where he looks into the feasibility of uninstalling desktop software and doing everything on the web. This is something I’ve thought about a lot and he has some great articles and howto’s on his blog. You can check out different online word processors here and he also mentions some new applications that are still in beta but look promising. One is an online calendar called Scribe that is supposed to work offline without installing anything. I signed up for an invite so I hope to try it out soon. Another drawing program that looks good is Cumulate Draw also talked about on Mr. Back’s blog. He suggests this and Gliffy as replacements for Visio for flowcharts and network drawings. You can save your drawings in several formats to insert into other documents.

If you go to his main page he has everything broken down into categories of software to replace and you can navigate to the articles about the individual apps from there. Mr. Back also challenges the technology. He gives an example of a request:

“I want to have a fully blown Adobe Premiere alternative (video editor) on the web and nothing installed on my PC. It shouldn’t take more than 2 seconds to load.“

An online app that would take the place of Photoshop would be my dream! I look forward to his future articles and on seeing what the future web will be like.

Another link for tonight that isn’t an application but another online community. Recipe Thing is a site similar to online bookmarking only for recipes. You can register and tag your recipes, save them to your recipe box, share your favorites, and even have it find recipes according to what you have in your pantry. For the times when I actually get off the computer and cook, this is a fun and handy place to start cooking. Now if I can just find an online community that will clean my house….

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